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Welcome to the GCSE (KS4) History Section of Exam Shop. A selection of GCSE History revision guides has been provided below. Please use the menu to the left to view revision guides for other GCSE subjects.

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coverGCSE Modern World History: Revision Guide

This History revision guide has been carefully updated for the 2003 GCSE Specifications, with all text and graphics checked and re-edited to eliminate any factual errors. It covers all the basic facts relating to GCSE modern world history in a colourful, easy-to-learn-from style.

coverGCSE History: Complete Revision and Practice

coverGCSE Modern World History (History in Focus)

A textbook for GCSE modern world history students which can double up as a useful GCSE History revision guide for when exams begin. The core content of the major GCSE specifications in this subject is covered through explanation and carefully-selected course material. The most popular options or depth studies from each specification are covered in detail. There are questions, activities and "focus tasks" throughout to: deepen understanding of the content; develop evaluative and investigative skills; help students become more independent learners; and support examination preparation.

This second edition is fully revised to meet the requirements of the revised specifications - for example the inclusion of a British depth study 1906-1918 for the OCR Modern World History specification. It extends coverage of the core content for each exam group - for example the addition of a unit on the USA 1941-1980 for the Edexcel specification. It also incorporates developments in the study and teaching of GCSE history that have taken place since the publication of the first edition.

coverGermany, 1918-45 (Discovering the Past for GCSE)

Following the success of "Discovering the Past" for Key Stage 3, a series that won the TES Textbook Award in 1993, "Schools History Project" has created this series for GCSE. This GCSE History text is a comprehensive depth study of Germany between the years 1919 and 1945. It is a full-colour, enquiry-led text, based around a narrative but containing interesting source material that should give students insight into the character of life in the Weimar Republic and Nazi Germany. It combines full GCSE History syllabus coverage with the motivating "real history" classroom strategies pioneered by "Schools History Project"

coverGCSE Modern World History (Total Revision)

TOTAL REVISION, which has been completely updated for the new GCSEs, contains everything a student needs to know, not just to scrape through but to get a better GCSE History grade, question by question. Itís the type of book students can rely on throughout their GCSE History course and then for a very thorough revision on the final build up to exams (KS3 and GCSE). Overall, it is a great revision guide for GCSE History, containing clear diagrams and maps. It does not not miss out on any of the facts either. Includes advice on how to answer questions set in a GCSE History paper.

coverModern History (GCSE Bitesize Revision)

GCSE Bitesize revision uses television, the Internet and books to help the reader improve on his or her GCSE grade. This is one in the series of booklets designed to help the reader revise in small sections and practise important examination skills. Whether used with the other resources provided by the BBC or not, this Modern History revision guide is a very useful text book indeed!

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