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Welcome to the GCSE (KS4) German Section of Exam Shop. A selection of GCSE German revision guides has been provided below. Please use the menu to the left to view revision guides for other GCSE subjects.

If you are looking for links to other educational sites such as GCSE German Revision Sites please visit the Revision Aid Directory. You can do this by clicking on the Directory link at the top of each page. If you are looking for GCSE Revision Notes visit Revision Centre for a comprehensive set of revision notes for many GCSE subjects.

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coverGCSE German: Revision Guide

Includes all the basic skills of German required and helps the student to revise the structure of the language with sentence fromations and gramatical rules. A brilliant revision guide which, if used properly, will help the student achieve a high grade in their GCSE German exams.

coverGCSE German: Higher Level Practice Papers

coverGCSE German (Total Revision)

TOTAL REVISION, which has been completely updated for the new GCSEs, contains everything a GCSE German student needs to know, not just to scrape through but to get a better grade, question by question. Itís the type of revision aid that students can rely on throughout their course and then for a very thorough revision on the final build up to exams. (KS3 and GCSE)

coverGCSE German Revise Study Guide

A new generation of study / revision guides for the new GCSE specifications. All the Letts Revise Study Guides have a fresh, modern look and are highly illustrated in full colour. Written by top examiners, the Revise Guides contain in-depth course coverage plus invaluable hints, tips and advice on how to get the best grades at GCSE. Progress check questions, sample GCSE German questions and model answers, as well as realistic exam practice questions provide essential practice and help improve exam technique.

coverGerman Vocabulary Builder

This text has been designed to encourage students to build and use a wide German vocabulary over an extended range of themes and topics. It covers each of the key areas needed for study at progressive levels of difficulty, using illustrations and examples where necessary. Intended for use up to First Examination level, the book contains strategies for practising and remembering words, and helps learners build up and use their range of vocabulary. Activities in each section provide reinforcement, and answers are included at the back. This is a great companion to any good GCSE German revision guide.


Linguaphone is the world leader in self-study language learning products. Linguaphone has already helped over 7 million people speak a new language. Their proven method of - Listen, Understand, Speak - provides the most natural and effective way, for learning to speak a foreign language. Ideal for anyone wanting to learn German at GCSE, A-Level, or at Degree Level. Find German self-study language courses at Linguaphone UK

Linguaphone for languages

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