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Welcome to the GCSE (KS4) English Section of Exam Shop. A selection of GCSE English revision guides has been provided below. Please use the menu to the left to view revision guides for other GCSE subjects.

If you are looking for links to other educational sites such as GCSE English Revision Sites please visit the Revision Aid Directory. You can do this by clicking on the Directory link at the top of each page. If you are looking for GCSE Revision Notes visit Revision Centre for a comprehensive set of revision notes for many GCSE subjects.

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coverGCSE English (Total Revision Study Guide)

The highly successful Collins Total Revision GCSE English has been updated for the latest GCSE exams. It continues to provide the most comprehensive approach to GCSE exam success with its unique combination of study support and exam practice. This GCSE English revision guide has been designed to make revision as active and effective as possible.

Short 20-minute "revision sessions" break down content into manageable chunks and should help to maximize students' concentration. An exam practice chapter at the end of the book provides detailed guidance on GCSE English exam technique and makes sure students are fully prepared for the big day. Other features include

  • Bullet points with highlighted words and phrases
  • "A* extra" information boxes highlighting likely exam questions and helping to ensure that the brightest students attain the very top GCSE grade
  • "Question spotter" panels pinpointing the exam questions students are most likely to meet in their exam papers
  • "Check yourself" questions to test understanding

coverEnglish (Revise GCSE in a Week)

One of a series of GCSE revision guides aimed at GCSE students of average ability who are trying to get at least a Grade C pass and who do not buy traditional study guides. This GCSE English revision guide provides the necessary facts, accompanied by instruction on how they should be applied to typical GCSE English exam questions.

coverGCSE English Language and Literature Revision Guide (Higher)

York Notes (GCSE)

York Notes offer an exciting approach to GCSE English literature. This market leading series of English Literature study guides fully reflects student needs. The books are packed with summaries, commentaries, exam advice, margin and textual features to offer a wider context to the text and encourage a critical analysis. A selection of the available notes have been listed below.

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