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Welcome to the SATs (KS3) Section of Exam Shop. A selection of KS3 revision guides has been provided below. Please use the menu to the left to browse the KS3 revision guides by subject.

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Key Stage 3 (KS3) Practice Papers

The Letts series of KS3 practice papers provides all the practice necessary for the KS3 National Tests, with brand new questions reflecting the latest curriculum changes. Letts' authors are examiners and teachers with proven records of helping children to achieve top grades in their exams. The books' questions and format are similar to the real National Tests and the answer sections are clearly laid out for both parents and children.

The KS3 Practice Papers give children essential practice for SATs success, tests all KS3 topics on a need to know basis, builds the child's confidence by previewing the test format. Detailed marking schemes are included. Books also predict a child's National Curriculum level. Cheap Gateway G Battery and Gateway ThinkPad X Series Laptop Batteries. Buy Hp Armada Battery, HP Pavilion. Ibm Laptop Battery and Gateway Inspiron.

KS3 National Test Practice Papers - MathsKS3 National Test Practice Papers - Maths

KS3 National Test Practice Papers - EnglishKS3 National Test Practice Papers - English

KS3 National Test Practice Papers - ScienceKS3 National Test Practice Papers - Science

Key Stage 3 (KS3) Revision Guides

The Key Stage 3 revision guides provide exactly what you need to do well in your SATs. These KS3 revision guides cover all the Key Stage 3 content in nice, easy-to-learn chunks and it's written in plain, clear language. It's packed with everything you'll need to do well, with plenty of handy hints. Just right for those last few weeks before the big day!

KS3 Revision Guide - MathsKS3 Revision Guide - Maths

KS3 Revision Guide - EnglishKS3 Revision Guide - English

KS3 Revision Guide - ScienceKS3 Revision Guide - Science

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